Juggler's World

Summer 1987

Vol. 39, No. 2

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Cover: The cover artist for the IJA's ruby anniversary is Paul Roberts of Baltimore, Maryland.

Special Anniversary Issue

Prologue and Postscript
By anniversary issue author Wes Kobylak.

Juggling Family
Editorial by Bill Giduz.

IJA Reaches 40 Years

Early Stirring Toward Organized Juggling
The impetus for the IJA came from Vaudevillians seeking inspiration and camaraderie.

The Founding of the IJA
You are there in Pittsburgh as the dreams of the founders come together over coffee.

1948 Convention Report: The IJA's First Get-Together
Fun in Jamestown as IJA members set the mood for decades of annual gatherings.

The Lean Years
Tough times take the IJA to the brink, but a West Coast revolution arrives just in time.

Internationally Speaking
The early influence of key Europeans to the young IJA.

Ethical Perspectives Old and New
Whether professional jugglers should share the secrets of their trade with amateurs continues to be a hotly debated concern.

New Perspectives on Competition
Another debate rages over the athletic form of competition.

Our Magical Heritage
A tip of the hat to juggling magicians.

A Primer on the History of American Juggling
What was Vaudeville, anyway?

Neglected Arts - Hoop Rolling Troupes and Others
Hoop rolling troupes and others.

In Service to the Art - A Brief History of Propmakers
From solid wood to hollow plastic, propmakers have led the art to its present levels.

The Current Crop of Propmakers
Meet the advertisers who support the magazine.

Who's Who

Profiles of a Few Prominent Members
Some of the founders and charter members of the IJA.

Art Jennings - Father of the IJA
A man of many talents, Jennings saw the IJA as a logical extension of his performing career.

Happy Dayze - The Talent of Art Jennings
A description of Jenning's act, as performed for 20 years.

Roger Montandon - Voice of the IJA
A loner, Montandon's journalistic skills were crucial to the founding of the IJA.

Betty Gorham Willer - First Lady of the IJA
An unlikely career path leads a midwestern girl to become the IJA's first member.

Other Notable Women Jugglers
Selma Braatz, Lottie Brunn, Francine and Rita Rose, Shelby Howe, Dell O'Dell, Judy Finelli, Violet Carlson Beahan, Trixie La Rue, Eva Crosby, and Amy Dunham.

Joe Taylor and Other Early Black Jugglers
Traveling in different circles, this black juggler and others contributed to juggler's rise.

Bob Blau - Grand Young Man of the IJA
A born entertainer, the family living room can't hold Blau's magic and juggling act for long.

Bob Dow - Stepfather of the IJA
This performing juggler of the 30's and 40's helped motivate the creation of the IJA.

Photo Album
A classic collection of historic juggling photographs.


The Juggler's Bulletin
The need to communicate with others led to publications that led to the IJA.

The IJA Newsletter - Passed Like a Hot Potato
It brought the family together on the printed page with a "back yard fence" style of news.

Why It Was Called a Newsletter - Early News and Letters
Some excerpts from early newsletters, and insights into the chore of getting them published.

Rise and Fall of Juggling Magazine
Bitten hard by the bug, a publisher's enthusiasm runs into a brick wall of business problems.

Kaskade - Reflection of European Juggling
European afficianados launch a publishing project with a continental view of juggling.

Juggler's World - Professional Pride
Building on the past, the IJA steps forward with a magazine designed to build juggling pride.


Joggler's Jottings
Some descriptions of early styles of juggling acts seldom seen today.



Tips and Tricks

Time Capsules


All our Yesterdays
This review of Oleg Popov is reprinted from a 1960 IJA Newsletter.


Classified Ads

Back Page

The End of the Show
Conclusion to this special anniversary issue.

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