Juggler's World: Vol. 39, No. 2

Prologue and Postscript

by Wes Kobylak
Anniversary Issue Author

It goes without saying that an organization with the proud 40 year history of the IJA is indebted to many hundreds of people who have sustained it. No single issue of "Juggler's World" could detail the contributions of all its members. The purpose of this issue is to give the current member a sense of the IJA's history, and to express gratitude to all those who made it possible. We present a brief history of the overall organization, and highlight a few jugglers to serve as representative examples of the good work and creativity of so many others.

The compilation of IJA history for its 40th anniversary was both a pleasure and a burden. The obligation to be accurate was heavy. As Art Jennings warned me, "Time doesn't change history, historians change history." So I tried to be less of a historian than an observer of people and events. The usual apology-in-advance for errors is offered, along with my oath that I've tried to do the job properly.

I've enjoyed meeting, talking to and corresponding with some juggling legends and been honored by their hospitality. I'd like to tip my hat to past IJA historians, particularly Dennis Soldati, and to thank the great carny juggler Billy Tirko, whose advice, "Don't take it so seriously," I was unfortunately not equipped to take!

It has been an enjoyable opportunity to add my measure to juggling literature. I've tried to convey a sense of importance in the events behind the joy of juggling.

The role of the IJA volunteer is not easy. Although there is some satisfaction from being on the inside of things, there is a feeling of being on the inside looking out as the other kids play.

Nevertheless, the IJA depends on people who have something to offer. Contact any officer this month. The IJA is not an unapproachable mega-corporation. It's people like those you entertain in your living room!

(signed) Wesley Kobylak

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