Juggler's World: Vol. 39, No. 4


The rate for classifieds is 30 cents per word with a $6 minimum. Send your ad and payment to: Bruce Fife, ad manager, Box 1564, Bellaire, TX 77401.

HOLOGRAM of the IJA logo. A beautifully matted glass hologram, perfect gift for the juggler in your life! $35 includes tax and shipping. Add $3 for a hardwood holder. The Holography Show of Milwaukee; 5644 Parking St.; Greendale, Wisc. 53129.

"HOW TO RIDE A UNICYCLE" - Complete manual. $10 postpaid. "The Whole Unicycle Catalog," includes unicycling, artistic bicycling and juggling. Covers organizations, clubs, events, publications, sources for equipment and more. $6 postpaid. "UnoWheel Newsletter" for unicyclists. One year subscription (three issues) $12 USA and Canada, $16 foreign. Sample issue, $3. Solipaz Publishing Company; Box 366; Lodi, Calif. 95241.

SERIOUS NUMBERS JUGGLERS... Custom color juggling bags - red, orange, blue. Precision sewn, walnut shell fill. Any weight, tolerance to 1/10 gram. Standard weight: 5-6 balls, 100 gm; 7-8 balls. 85 gm; or your choice. Dan Bennett uses and endorses this prop. $3 per bag, postage included. Helaman Ferguson. 3895 Quail Run, Provo, Utah 84604-5279.

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