Juggler's World

Winter 1987

Vol. 39, No. 4

Table of Contents

Cover: Fire eating by Kate Verney of Barcelona, Spain's Orbita Excentrika troupe was an exciting variety act appearing on the late-night Club Renegade stage at the European convention. Bill Giduz photo.


Ignatov Tours Canada
Surprised IJA circus-goers in Canada find he's back in top form again.

Europeans Celebrate in Saintes
A decade of European conventions leads 1,000 jugglers to enjoy Saintes.

Michiel Hesseling at Saintes
A report on the talented 18-year-old Michiel Hesseling from Amsterdam,

Laughing It Off With Juggling
Three doctors teach colleagues that juggling fun can be good medicine!

A Decade of Juggling for the Masses

Interview with Michael Menes
Russ Kaufman reports on his visit with this creative young juggler.

Conquest of Mystery Hill
Juggling in a place where gravity seems to have different rules.



Late breaking news and gossip about dozens of juggling performers.




Book Reviews


Kitting Around
Ringling Brothers Circus and Cirque du Soleil visit San Diego.

Academic Juggler
Memorable tricks and a numbers formula.

Tips and Tricks

Essay - What Has It All Meant?
An essayist searches for meaning in historically varied views of juggling.

All our Yesterdays
Karl Rappo: strong man juggler to peasants and czars.


Classified advertisements.

IJA Goods and Services
Miscellaneous IJA items for sale.

IJA Postcards
Set of 8 juggling picture postcards available.

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