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Water, Water, Everywhere Around Catalina Festival

by Steve Tuttle & Jahnathon Whitfield

The Orange Jugglers hosted a weekend of juggling Sept. 26-27, 1987, on the beautiful island of Catalina off the California coast near Los Angeles. There were 72 jugglers from in state and beyond who spent the weekend camping and funning in the sun. A public show was held for the entertainment of a large crowd of vacationers and island residents. Plans are already under way for the Second Catalina Island Juggling Festival in this unique setting later this year!

Filly Fest

by Glenn Ceponis & Jackie Erickson

[Thien Fu photo] Thien Fu in Philadelphia (William Jones Jr. photo)

The 4th Annual Philadelphia Juggler's Jubilee was for "We the Jugglers." It was the Constitution's "We the People" week in Philadelphia that week.

The site was historic boathouse row on Sept. 19-21. All the camaraderie, socializing, learning and juggling was free! There was a wide range of ability in the record throng. More than 100 beginners were enthusiastically led by Dave Finnigan in a seemingly never-ending series of workshops. He was assisted by the mighty Mumfree, Wayne Campbell. More advanced workshops were varied and well-received.

The attention of spectators and the media was appreciated by out-of-town jugglers who traveled as far as 500 miles to attend.

The event was sponsored by the Philadelphia Jugglers Club and the Fairmount Park Commission's department of recreation.

A standing-room-only crowd at the Community College of Philadelphia watched the Saturday night public show. Ten diversified acts presented tight, fast-paced entertainment. They included the Dynamite Jump Rope Team, the Philadelphia Juggling Club Unicyclists (with John Foss as visiting featured soloist), and the local Baloney Brothers.

In addition, Linda Pollack-Johnson, Finnigan, Buffo the Clown and "Odd Andy" D'Allesandro showed off their various specialties. There was even a show during intermission in the lobby by two fine young performers, Mike Paregian and Rich Sheibley. Jeff Mason, second place finisher in the IJA's 1987 U.S. Nationals Championship, captured the crowd with single and double diabolo work. Michael Menes entertained with his quiet theatrical mime and juggling. The uproarious Thien Fu brought down the house with superbly contrived comedy.

Obviously a gathering of several hundred people like this requires cooperation from many people. Special thanks, though, is due to D'Allesandro and Sid Ozer. It couldn't have happened without them! See everyone next year!

Busy One-Nighter In Cincy

by Tom Sparough

The Cincinnati-based Perpetual Motion Juggling Club, one of the newest IJA affiliates, gathered with friends Nov. 20, 1987, to strut their stuff for Jugglefest.

With a turnout of about 125, organizer Tim Perrino orchestrated a smoothly-run evening. Among the fun competitions was an apple eating contest where participants had to chomp a complete ring around the apple. Local jugglers Scott Cain and Mike Scharff tied for first place.

It was six-year veteran juggler John Siles who took first place in the standing on one leg while juggling contest. Right on his heels was Merry Spahr. Spahr was taught to juggle several years ago by the Flying Karamazov Brothers, who were on their way to town just after Jugglefest for a one-month run of their "Juggle & Hyde" show. Local jugglers signed up at Jugglefest to teach at preshow classes.

Ralph Weil, a juggling and handball enthusiast, brought up one of the most interesting new ideas of the evening. He said his son-in-law, an optometrist, told him to practice juggling under a strobe light to improve his hand-eye coordination!

Bart Hapke and Guy Millhouse were working on a continuous, two-person, snatch-and-replace four club juggle, with one juggling three and the other snatching and replacing one with a fourth club.

A four ball, one handed, clawed multiplex pattern was shown by Thomas Mann. He also demonstrated a disgusting chin, arm pit and crotch storage juggle.

Peter Jurcenko was working with a friend on a six club passing pattern where they exchanged hats while saying, "put the club between your legs, take the hat off your head, throw the hat to the other guy, put the hat on your head, make it look stylish and juggle." Jurcenko credited the routine to the Down to Earth Jugglers from Madison, Wis. A few games of combat juggling rounded out the night. One of the winners was 1987 second place juniors champ David Cain.

This is the seventh year that Perrino has put together a Jugglefest. One thing that set this one apart was the great door prizes given by the California Juggling Institute, Chasley, Dube, Lynch's Theatrical Department Stores and Renegade. As the night ended, it was obvious that juggling is alive and kicking in Cincinnati.

Jugglers Dig A Home On Island Of Hawaii

by Graham Ellis

Four years have passed since the first wave of jugglers surfed onto the Big Island beaches to play in Pele's Paradise. The attractions of the tropics as a full-time retreat have proved irresistible. There are now 30 people establishing "Club Volcano," probably the world's first permanent community of jugglers and friends.

We've traveled far and wide and realize it's time for us to do what we can to facilitate positive change in the world. After all, if a small group of anarchistic jugglers can't live and play in harmony in Hawaii, what hope is there for the other five billion people?

We have a vision and a communal home base on the edge of a flowing volcano. We're a motley crew of rainbow pirates, a sailing circus to exotic ports, limited only by our creativity and determination. We also know to expect lots of drops. We're heading into unknown territory.

Our 11 acre home, "Bellyacres," overlooks the Pacific. It's covered with mangoes, avocados, bananas and guava trees. We guffaw in awe at the beauty here. Moonrises, sunrises, wave flows and lava flows evoke the question, "why me?"

"Why me?" we also ask as we sweat and toil with clearing land, moving rocks and spreading dirt and cinders. Accommodations are spreading rapidly. We now have two tipi's, an 18-foot yurt, a dome tent, a dome gazebo and three assorted tents. Another 24-foot yurt is due soon as an office.

Every Friday night we host Club Volcano. The fireside cabaret includes music and performances held in a magical mango grove where our mentors, the menehunes, reside. You have no idea what achievements are possible until you've experienced the synergistic miracles of these wood nymphs!

We're having a Club Volcano Festival to celebrate the birth of our new juggling community. It begins Feb. 5, 1988, with the debut of The Sailing Circus. This motley band of performers will invade Hilo for a two-day local festival. Sunday, Feb. 7, we move to the Kalani Honua retreat area and enjoy its reclusive, restful diversions - pool, nude beach, and excursions to the lava flow, steam vents, warm ponds and underground hot cave.

Evening activities will be at Bellyacres with the menehunes and our own Hot Lava Band.

Public events, our "Circus Days," begin Fri., Feb. 12, with the Club Volcano Cabaret. The next day includes a circus school for local children and street performing for the large crowd we expect. The show that evening will consist of production pieces relating to our work with Club Volcano. Those who arrive early enough can be included in these. Jeff McBride, a magician, will be our special guest on a bill that includes our own Michael Marlin, Benji Marantz, Woodhead and Stanley the Clown.

The climax of the event will be the Valentine's Day wedding of Michael Marlin and Joey Nicks. Full costumes are required for this masquerade affair, so come with bells tuned and beads polished! There will be a $500 prize for best costume and a nuptial feast of baked Marlin (the fish!) and the world's largest tofu dinosaur!

For more details on the festival and Club Volcano, contact: Club Volcano, Box 4524; Pahoa, Hawaii 96778. Call 808-969-9994.

Schedule of Upcoming Festivals

Jan. 28 - Feb. 2
Monte Carlo
The Festival International du Cirque de Monte Carlo will feature at least two jugglers this year. Manuel Alvarez and the Los Rados troupe, who do juggling and balancing. The top acts in the festival, as judged by a panel of circus luminaries, receive gold, silver or bronze clowns.

Feb. 5-7
Atlanta, Ga.
The 10th Anniversary Groundhog Day Jugglers Festival will be held this weekend. All alumni are invited back for this special event. Contact Toni Shifalo of the Atlanta Jugglers Association 404-373-7175.

Feb. 5-14
The Club Volcano Festival.

Feb. 17-21
Miami, Fla.
Bayside Marketplace, a retail, dining and entertainment center, is holding its first annual Bayside Buskerfest to promote the development of street performing in Miami. Performers interested in attending or participating should contact: Lisa Walter, Bayside Marketplace, 401 Biscayne Blvd., Suite R-106, Miami, Fla. 33132. Call 305-577-3344.

March 4-6
Williamsburg, Va.
The Virginia State Juggling Championships will be held in conjunction with Circus/Magic '88. Open juggling space in the ballroom of the George Washington Inn. $50 registration includes Saturday night banquet, hotel is $36 per night single, $44 double. Friday night talent show, Saturday competition, trophies for winners. Pool, jacuzzi, sauna open 24 hours. Workshops in balloon sculpture, magic, clowning, etc. Contact Steve Kissell, 1227 Manchester Ave., Norfolk, Va. 23508. Call 804-423-6067.

March 11-12
Ann Arbor, Mich.
The Jugglers of Ann Arbor festival features workshops on novelty juggling Friday night. Racketball and tennis courts will be available for open juggling Saturday from 10 a.m. to 7 p.m. Saturday night party! Contact Paul Kyprie, 650 Hidden Valley, Apt. 315, Ann Arbor, Mich. 48104. Call 313-9P4-0368.

April 8-10
Tallahassee, Fla.
New date for The April Fools Day Juggling Festival at Tully Gym. Combat juggling competition and public show. Contact Newton's Children Juggling Club, c/o Johnathan Lyons, FSU Box 6456, Tallahassee, Fla. 32313. Call 904-644-6194.

April 8-10
Amherst, Mass.
"Return to Amherst" Juggling Mini-Convention. The 9th Annual! Start juggling at 5 p.m. Friday and keep it up until you drop. 48 hours of non-stop juggling in the spacious Robert Crown Center on the Hampshire College Campus just four miles south of Amherst on Route 116. A $15 registration fee covers the entire weekend, including public show, workshops and door prizes. Bring your sleeping bag if you want to sleep on site. For more information, call Carol at 203-878-3121 and leave a message on the machine.

April 16-17
Norman, Okla.
The annual Oklahoma Jugglers Festival will be held in conjunction with a medieval fair. Contact Karen Phariss, Box 5215, Norman, Okla. 73070. Call 405-360-6912.

April 22-24
Fort Wayne, Ind.
The 8th Annual Sir Isaac Newton Festival, sponsored by Jugglers Anonymous, will be held in Franke Park at pavilion number one, by the zoo. Contact Jugglers Anonymous, 1655 Wells St., Fort Wayne, Ind. 46808. Call 219426-1655.

May 11
New York
The First City of New York Parks & Recreation Department Central Park Festival of Juggling and Unicycle Arts. Workshops, performances, Guinness challenges and competitions sanctioned by the IJA and the IUF. To participate as a competitor, instructor or performer, contact: Christopher Wangro, deputy director of special events; City of NY Parks & Recreation Office; The Arsenal in Central Park; NY, NY 10021. Call 212-360-8165.

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