Juggler's World: Vol. 39, No. 4

Conquest of Mystery Hill

by Ted "The Fun Man" Hill and Bert "Cult Hero" Bahnson

[Hill and Bahnson photo 1] [Hill and Bahnson photo 2] [Hill and Bahnson photo 3]

Gravitational pull is a mystery to (l-r) Hill and Bahnson (Johnny Meeks photo)

Dawn: The day had come when we knew we must do the undone. One hundred miles to our west lay Mystery Hill in Blowing Rock, N.C. It had never been juggled.

Owners Wayne and Gay Underwood met us at the door, astonished we would attempt such a feat. As we carried our props and camera equipment into the Mystery House we began to realize the challenge.

Never had we felt such force! We were dumbfounded by our inability to begin a routine. Every throw was drawn to the north by the terrific force of the cosmoline magnetic disturbances in the area. It took extreme concentration to control the rotational wobble in our inner ears.

We finally settled into the indigenous aura and were able to stabilize our patterns long enough to do what we came to do. These photos are proof to the world that we conquered Mystery Hill. Because it was there!

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