Juggler's World

Fall 1990

Vol. 42, No. 3

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On the Cover: Mark Nizer - Photo by Jim Moore

The 43rd IJA Festival

IJA in L.A.
Juggling on Hallowed Ground - The spectres of John Wooden, Bill Walton, Kareem Abdul Jabbar and other Bruin basketball legends watched from Pauley Pavilion's empty stands as IJA jugglers worked their own kind of magic with round balls ... and clubs, etc.

1990 Championships Results L.A.

U.S. Nationals Championships
Last Minute Entrant Finishes First - Mark Nizer wasn't sure about entering the IJA championships. But once committed, his ten years of professional experience proved decisive in a hometown victory.

Teams Championships
Darn, Good & Funny - More festival coverage ... an interview of the team champions.

Juniors Championships
Chuck Gunter - Juniors winner.





Late breaking news and gossip about dozens of juggling performers.


Juggler's Workshop
Want some exciting variations to liven up a static juggling routine? Try adding some movement to your juggling. Be creative with the movement and you can turn it into a dance of the jugglers.

Classified Ads


Academic Juggler
Computer programmers, vegetarians, and sky divers.

Essay - Juggling Manfully
by Barrett L. Dorko

Flash Back
Albert & Mina Sahlstrom

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