Juggler's World: Vol. 42, No. 3

1990 Championships Results

by Laura Green, Championships Director

Championships Summary

The 1990 championships in Los Angeles proved to be exciting, dynamic and full of new faces. The Junior Preliminaries and Showcase of Young Talent were a success, providing an opportunity for teachers to give support to young jugglers. The showcase was attended by over 800 local school children, giving the performers experience and an enthusiastic audience.

The Junior Championships offered an opportunity to watch some of the finest juggling talent on any stage anywhere. The level of technical expertise and performance skill was exceptionally high, setting a new standard of excellence.

The U.S. Nationals was a powerful competition, and the judges faced a difficult job. There is no question that competitions bring to light the finest performance an artist can offer.

The joggling races were thrilling and well-attended. Team Exerball (Albert Lucas, Owen Morse, Jon Wee, and Tuey Wilson) shattered the four-minute mile with a time of 3:57.4, while Team Flamingo set a women's record at the same distance with a 6:54.1 time. Sandy Brown, convention co-chair, blazed to a new record for the women's 100 meter dash with a time of 17.2. Two numbers challenge records fell - Allen Knutson and Dave Morton in team balls, and Owen Morse and Jon Wee in team clubs.

By far, the most controversial festival topic was a survey asking members if competitions should be eliminated. As championships director, my job was to examine both sides of this question, often playing devil's advocate. I am pleased to report that respondents overwhelming support the championships, and that many constructive suggestions offered in their responses will be in place in 1991. Thanks to all jugglers who took the time to respond.

Special thanks to all who made the 1990 championships a success!

Championships Results

U.S. Nationals Championships

Teams Championships

Juniors Championships

Numbers Championships

Numbers Judges: Martin Frost, Arthur Lewbel, Scotty Meltzer, Bob Mendelsohn

Baltimore Three Ball Open

People's Choice Award

* - Represents a new IJA Championships record

Joggling Championships

Joggling Director: Larry Kluger
Joggling Angel: Patricia Kelley

Men's 100 Meter

Women's 100 Meter

Men's 400 Meter

Women's 400 Meter

Men's Mile Relay

Women's Mile Relay

Men's Mile

Women's Mile

Men's 5 Kilometer

Women's 5 Kilometer

Junior 100 Meter participants

* - Represents a new IJA Championships record

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