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Festival Information

The 1991 International Jugglers' Association Festival

July 16-21 - Washington University - St. Louis, Missouri


St. Louis - blues music, breweries, baseball and the muddy Mississippi River... Slow and languorous images that speak of relaxation and lazy times with friends. But the week of July 16-21, 1991, will be different! From east and west, north and south and across the seas, multitudes of jugglers will descend on America's Gateway to the West to unleash a week-long whirlwind of creative energy.

Come be part of 1991's new Spirit of St. Louis, a spirit of shared excitement about the limitless potential of object manipulation! Through shows, games, championships, workshops and serendipitous meetings every moment of the day, you'll enjoy juggling like never before. Come contribute your own energy to this major variety arts event that's sure to shake up St. Louis this summer!


The IJA's 44th Annual Festival is hosted by the International Jugglers' Association in cooperation with Washington University and the St. Louis Convention and Visitors Commission. The festival coordinator is Ginny Rose. For general convention information contact Tom Bennett: 216/745-3552.


The IJA is pleased to host two juggling legends this year. Sergei Ignatov, a Soviet juggler whose 22-year career has defined the limits of numbers juggling, will attend with his wife, circus performer Marina Ossinskaya. Ignatov will present a workshop, highlight the Cascade of Stars public show, and receive the International Jugglers' Association Award of Excellence.

Our other special guest is Trixie Larue, a woman who received phenomenal acclaim for her act during the 1930s and 40s in Europe and America. Now retired and living in Oklahoma, she will host a workshop on her career, and receive the International Jugglers' Association Lifetime Achievement Award. Both awards will be presented during the Senior and Team Championships on Friday, July 19.


St. Louis is at the geographic hub of the USA, at the confluence of the Mississippi and Missouri rivers. This historic city is the home of the world's first ice cream cone and hot dog, both introduced during the 1904 World's Fair. Its many current attractions include the 630-foot Gateway Arch Memorial on the riverfront, paddle-wheel riverboat cruises, brewery tours, railroad museum, national bowling hall of fame, historical museum of westward expansion, zoological garden, dog museum and major league baseball at Busch Stadium.


Union Station, a Rouse Company project, will be presenting a Street Performers Festival in conjunction with the IJA Festival. Union Station is offering a guaranteed fee plus hat for performers during the festival. Interested acts should submit an act description, credentials, technical requirements and include a videotape if available. Videos will be returned. Contact: Nicolle Gervais; St. Louis Union Station Merchants Assn. Inc.; 500 St. Louis Union Station; St. Louis MO 63103; 314/421-4314.

Performers may also apply to work at Westport Plaza, a St. Louis entertainment, retail and office plaza. Opportunities are available for general street performing on Friday and Saturday of festival week, or for stage slots on Saturday. Stage acts receive a fee and may pass the hat. Send credentials and a video if available to Jim Gagnepain; 4960 Loughborough; St. Louis MO 63109.


Preregistration should be completed by June 15. See the registration form for the options and prices. On site registration will take place at the the Washington University Sports and Recreation Complex. Daily admission and individual event tickets will also be available at the complex. There will be no admittance to the juggling area until you have registered. For more information on registration contact Tom Bennett: 216/745-3552.


Washington University is located just west of St. Louis in Clayton, Missouri. It is within walking distance of Clayton's downtown district and approximately 10 miles from St. Louis's Lambert International Airport. The approximate cost of airport limousine service to the campus is $6.50 one way. To make a reservation, call the airport limousine service at 314/429-4940.

American Airlines is the official airline of the IJA Festival. For discounted fares on American call 800/433-1790 and give the reservationist the IJA festival number, STAR #S04714L.


Parking at Washington University is free at the dormitories and the sports complex. No permits are required.


Single and double rooms are available in Rubelmann Hall, Helen F. Umrath Hall, Koenig Hall and Liggett Hall. All rooms are air conditioned. Other recreational facilities, such as swimming pool and racquetball courts, are available at the sports complex for a $3 per day fee.


The Old Convent Guesthouse is hosting IJA special guest Sergei Ignatov, and welcomes other jugglers who prefer a bed and breakfast-style hotel. Located just blocks from downtown St. Louis, this century-old building is about 15 minutes from the festival site. For more information, call proprietor Paul LaFlam at 314/772-3531, or write him at PO Box 14261, St. Louis MO 63104.


Breakfast, lunch and dinner will be served in one common facility, Wohl Hall, in the center of the residence hall quadrangle. Vegetarian entrees will be available at all meals. If you are staying on campus, the three meal plan is mandatory. Other restaurants are available on campus and in the nearby area.


Dozens of one-hour workshops covering a wide variety of juggling skills will be offered during the convention for free to all convention registrants. In addition, Allan Jacobs will teach special workshops in club swinging and club passing. If you are interested in teaching workshops, contact Mike Vondruska at 708/766-1437 (o) or 766-1491 (h).


All IJA members are invited to test their skill in championships competitions at the festival. In addition to the usual Junior, Senior, Team, Numbers and Joggling Championships, the IJA board is considering a proposal for an Intermediate Championships for people who have entered juniors previously, but never entered seniors.

Those entering all events except joggling will need to go through a qualifying round first. Registration for all events will remain open until the morning of the qualifying round. For specific event rules, times and entry fees, contact Championships Director Laura Green: 1718 Linden Ave.; Baltimore MD 21217; 301/523-8278.

All championships events except joggling will be held in the sports complex. Joggling will be held on the Francis Field outdoor track adjacent to the building.


The Cascade of Stars Public Show will again be directed by Dan Holzman of the Raspyni Brothers, and will be presented Saturday night, July 20, at the field house. The show will feature an all-star cast, headlined by Sergei Ignatov. For further information contact Dan Holzman at 818/907-5655.

The IJA is putting together a house band to play in the show. If you're interested in participating, contact Bruce Plott at 5813 Oaklane Dr.; Jacksonville FL 32244; 904/771-1185.


A hit last year at UCLA, the IJA will again hold its Games Day at St. Louis. Joggling kicks off the day at Bushyhead Track, followed by a slate of contests in the sports complex, such as five ball endurance, obstacle course juggle, unicycle races, diabolo high toss, and skills demonstrations. Events will be capped off by the Big Toss-Up. Anyone interested in helping with the Games should contact Kevin Delagrange at 216/896-3155.


Going once! Going twice! This year's auction promises to whip you into a veritable shopping frenzy! Start saving now - the bidding will be contagious! For information on the auction contact Stuart Johnson at 314/727-3986.


The IJA encourages its affiliates and all other juggling groups to show their colors at the convention by bringing banners to hang in the field house. There will be an affiliate meeting at the festival to discuss mutual concerns, and affiliates are invited to present special awards to deserving individuals during the Championships/Awards night Friday, July 19. Affiliates wanting to present new awards contact Bill Giduz at 704/892-1296. For general affiliate information contact IJA director Perry Rubenfeld at 204/586-5785.


Floor space for vendors around the perimeter of the sports complex is available per day for the entire week. Contact Tom Bennett at 216/745-3552.


Registrants may make videotapes for noncommercial purposes inside the gym with permission of the person being taped. No videotaping of any staged championship event or show (except joggling) will be allowed. The IJA will be taping these events and will make the convention tape available later in the year. Videotaping of workshops will be left to the discretion of individual workshop leaders.


The organizers need your support in lending a hand with registration, security, staging and other duties. If you can volunteer a little time at the convention please call Brian Rohlfing at 314/664-9528.

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