Juggler's World

Spring 1991

Vol. 43, No. 1

Table of Contents

On the Cover: The Ramblers - a scene from an extraordinary dinner


St. Louis, Here We Come!
The IJA's 44th Annual Festival occurs in the shadow of the Mississippi River arch in just three months. Registration information and material is in this issue.

History of the Silicone Ball
Today's hottest prop bounced into the world of juggling 20 years ago after jugglers began tracking down Toledo tinkerer and magician Frank Radtke.

Nothing for Granted
Ignatov begins each day's practice with just two balls, and approaches every step from there on with deliberate concern for proper technique. This translation of his autobiography is must reading for those who will meet him this summer in St. Louis at the IJA festival.

An Extraordinary Dinner
Venture back to the turn of the century when juggling troupes like The Ramblers staged elaborate juggling events for the sophisticated theatre-goers of that era.




Late breaking news and gossip about dozens of juggling performers.


Essay - Wandering and Wondering
Danny Avrutick - A busker looks back on 20 years.

Schedule of upcoming events.

Beginner's Lament, by Becky Saunders.

Classified Ads


Juggler's Workshop
Passing seven clubs.

Academic Juggler
Essay on juggling literature.

Flash Back
Felix Adanos - Adieu to his uncommon way with common objects.

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