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New Life Members

The IJA would like to thank the following people who have signed on as IJA Life Members recently:

173. Leslie Chaikin- Parkton, Maryland
174. Dan Amyx- Tampa, Florida
175. Itzhak Shniper- Los Angeles, California
176 & 177. "Fingertips, "Joram Seewi & Phillip Dammer- Dorsten & Koln, W. Germany
178. Eric Urhane- Parsippany, N.J.
179. Paul Babey- Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada
180. Jessica Diane Marti- Kirkland, Washington
181. Laurie Young- Decatur, Michigan
182. Kay Caskie- Lawton, Michigan
183. Bob Hunt- Burbank, Illinois
184. David MacFarlane- Summerside, PEI, Canada
185. Greg Bone- Costa Mesa, California
186. Lew Tobin- Nome, Alaska
187. Ken Head- Whitefish Bay, Wisconsin
188. David J. Ward- Colorado Springs, Colorado
189. Joseph Simpson- Detroit, Michigan
190. Steve Johnson- Wappingers Falls, New York
191. Larry Shriver- Dundalk, Maryland
192. Paul Bachman- Palos Hills, Illinois
193. Tracy Hewat- Cambridge, Massachusetts
194. Bradley W. Jackson- Santa Cruz, California
195. Ron Graham- Murray Hill, New Jersey
196. Stefan Fisher- Davis, California
197. Michael Briggs- Fredericksburg, Virginia
198. Daniel Sadoff- St. Paul, Minnesota
199. Brian Dube - New York City, New York.

Life Members pay $300 for a lifetime IJA membership that includes a first class subscription to Juggler's World. They also receive reserved seating at convention events and a special membership card. The money collected from Life Memberships goes into a special fund that is not used for operations expenses, but which insures the long-term stability of the organization.

If you're interested in becoming a Life Member, contact IJA secretary Tom Bennett at 216/745-3552.

New Guinness Editors Downplay Juggling in 1991 Edition

The 1991 edition of the Guinness Book of World Records doesn't feature juggling nearly so prominently as the 1990 edition of the reference book.

That's because control of the publication was repurchased from an American licensee by the central Guinness organization in Britain this year. The British group chose to standardize the American edition with other editions worldwide, according to Gene Jones, Guinness World Judge for Juggling.

Gone are the half-dozen photos of jugglers, including skiing jugglers, surfing jugglers, box balancers and jogglers. Jones explained that most of the endurance records which appeared in the previous editions are still listed, but they are drastically condensed.

The "Juggling Records" section of the new book only occupies about 6-1/2 column inches, and contains no pictures at all. The 1990 edition had 12 pictures and took up five whole pages of a smaller format volume.

But Guinness 1991 does include 16 entries. There is only one new listing, for eight plate juggling (Rastelli and Lucas). There are also a few updated records - Jas Angelo's 8 hour, 57 minute continuous three ball cascade and some new joggling marks. But the rest are all familiar entries, from Rastelli's and Lucas' 10 balls to Tony Ferco's seven ping pong balls with the mouth.

Records are also listed in a much abbreviated format than in the past. Last year's book was written in narrative form that often included the place and circumstances of records. This year's edition includes only names, quantities and dates.

Many strictly "achievement" records were dropped, Jones explained. Those missing include cigar box balancing, shaker cup juggling, snow ski juggling, surfing juggling, cigar box pirouettes, hoop spinning and juggling on a pogo stick. "The new management is looking for more quantifiable, endurance records," Jones explained. "They're much strict in the way they interpret things that should go into the book."

Jones said he expects the juggling section to grow again as he develops a relationship with the current editors and gets a better feel for their interpretation of records.

If you're interested in Guinness records, contact Jones at PO Box 383; New York NY 10040. Call 212/781-1440.

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