Juggler's World

Summer 1991

Vol. 43, No. 2

Table of Contents

On the Cover: Daniel Rosen

Jugglers, Plus!

Juggler's World interviews three young variety artists to find out why so many top entertainers begin their careers with juggling. And why they do less and less juggling as their success grows!

Gomer Pyle Is My Hero
Juggling gave Daniel Rosen a reason to stand in from of a crowd when he walked away from home as a teenager. Since then he's carefully cultivated the art of being a goofball!

Penn Tells All
Penn Jillette began on the mean streets as a juggler, with none other than Michael Moschen as a partner! Now paired with Teller in a raucous non-magic show, he's still not hiding anything from his audiences.

Comedy from the Heart(land)
Pat Hazell draws heavily on a fairly normal midwestern youth experience for comic inspiration. Good material, he says, is just giving a twist to normal life.


Can You Please Write That Pattern Down?
Here's a notation system for many juggling patterns that also lets you explore the possibilities before picking up the first ball.

Street Performing Versus Playing
Danny Avrutick

Working Through Hard Times
Keith Johnson

Gregg Hosfeld - Frisbees and Juggling

Show Goes On for Nanjing Jugglers
by Dennis Williamson




William A. Brown, Randy Foster, Bengt Magnusson

Late breaking news and gossip about dozens of juggling performers.

John Gilkey

Video Review
How to Juggle & Other Matters of Life and Death by The Flying Karamazov Brothers

Schedule of upcoming events.

Street Mime, by Ann B. Knox

Classified Ads


Juggler's Workshop

Flash Back
Cal Kenyon & George "Red" Kenyon

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