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August 10-11
Catalina Island, California
The Orange Jugglers invite you to the Fifth Annual Catalina Island Juggler's Jam. Besides juggling, the weekend includes swimming, hiking, snorkeling and the annual display of the Perseid meteor shower. You may camp out or stay at Banning House Lodge. The boats to Two Harbors on Catalina Island run out of San Pedro and Newport. Contact the Orange Jugglers; PO Box 11385; Costa Mesa CA 92627; 213/326-1020.

August 17-18
Benton, Pennsylvania
The Red Rock Jugglefest will be at the Red Rock campground in the mountains of northeastern Pennsylvania. (Located at the intersection of highways 487 and 118, between Wilkes Barre and Williamsport.) Cottages, tents and campers permitted, with discount rates for IJA members. There will be open juggling and games, as well as fishing, swimming and hiking. For more information, contact Tony Maurer; Box 285; RD 2; Benton PA 17814; 717/925-6581.

Aug. 28-Sept. 1
Verona, Italy
Jugglers at this 14th annual European Juggling Convention will have use of the Palasport and surrounding facilities for general juggling and a Roman amphitheatre for the public shows. There is lots of space on floors for jugglers with sleeping bags, green space for camping and a large parking lot for cars. The site is 3 kilometers from the center of town, which has many spots for street performing. There will be a parade and games outside the Roman arena and two public shows. Contact Jules Howarth; Musicaviva; Via Adigetto 6; I-37122 Verona, Italy; or Doug Orton; 104 Albert Rd.; Sheffield; S8 9RA England; 0742-555351.

Sept. 7-8
Denton/Dallas, Texas
The Denton and Dallas Jugglers Associations host their annual Tejas Juggling Festival. Saturday's activities will be at the Denton Civic Center, 321 E. McKinney St., in Denton. Besides workshops and open juggling, there will be a free public show at 7:30 p.m. in Civic Center Park. On Sunday the gathering will be in Kidd Springs Rec Center, 711 W. Canty, in Dallas. Contact Rodney Barton; #3 Wolters St.; Hickory Creek TX 75065; 817/497-2628; or Audrey Bernecker 214/241-3305.

Sept. 8-15
Tbilisi, Georgia, USSR
The first juggling festival in the Soviet Union will be held in Tbilisi, the capital of this Soviet republic bordering Turkey. The $500 estimated package price includes round-trip air fare from Berlin, accommodations, food, sightseeing and registration. To reserve a place, send a check for 50 pounds Sterling ASAP made out to "Tbilisi Juggling Festival" to Haggis McLeod, 2 St. Edmund's Cottages, Bove Town, Glastonbury; Somerset; England. Call England 0458-34484.

Sept. 21
Purdue University
The Purdue Juggling Club will host its third annual juggling festival in the Purdue Armory. The armory is perfect for unicycling, fire and high-flying action. The day will be capped off with a party. Contact: Arnold Ward 317/743-7228.

Sept. 20-22
Charlotte, North Carolina
The Charlotte Jugglers Association hosts the second annual Hurricane Hugo Juggling Festival at Charlotte Christian Academy on Sardis Road at Ramah Road. Games and the Hurricane Juggling Challenge on Saturday afternoon, and a public show on Sunday. For more information contact Scott McFarlane at 513-3B W. 8th St.; Charlotte, NC 28202. Call 704/342-3868.

Oct. 5-6
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
The Philadelphia Juggling Club sponsors its Juggler's Jubilee at Plaisted Hall, 1 Boathouse Row. Workshops and open juggling during the day. Public Show will be Saturday night at the Community College of Philadelphia. Contact Glenn Ceponis; 304 N. 37th St.; Philadelphia PA 19104; 215/222-7817 (h).

Oct. 11-13
Lodi, California
The 1991 Lodi Juggling Festival will be in Micke Grove Park and Zoo. For a flier, send SASE to Andrew Conway; 289 Surrey St.; San Francisco CA 94131-2930; 415/333-7576.

Nov. 30
Dayton, Ohio
The Kettering Rec Center jugglers will sponsor a festival at the Kettering Rec Center in a newly constructed gymnasium. Contact Kevin Ignasiak; 6785 Penridge Rd.; Centerville OH 45459; 513/435-5701.


Feb. 9-16, 1992
Pahoa, Hawaii
The Eighth Hawaiian Vaudeville Festival will be held on the big island of Hawaii. Contact Hawaii's Volcano Circus; Box 4524; Pahoa HI 96778; 808/965-8756.

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