Interviews with Jugglers


This is an informal collection of interviews with jugglers. They vary in length, style and content. We welcome further contributions so grab a tape recorder and interview your favourite juggler! (We would prefer it if you type the interview later, but we can arrange to have tapes transcribed if necessary.)

Sara Felder

Sara Felder talks to Andrew Conway about the many years she has spent teaching juggling to the inmates of California's maximum security prisons as San Quentin and Vacaville, and about her career as a juggler and performance atrist. This interview was transcribed from a tape made in January 1996.

John Gilkey

In November 1995 John Gilkey was in the final stages of negotiations with Cirque du Soleil for a role as one of the main characters in a new production. In this forty minute interview transcribed from tape, he talks about his career with the Pickle Family Circus and Teatro Dimitri, his approach to juggling, his stage character "Tim", his audition with the Cirque and his hopes for the new role. A heavily edited and far more readable version of this interview appeared in Kaskade magazine.

Todd Strong

Andrew Conway talked to Todd at the IJA festival in Las Vegas, July 1995. Todd discussed some of the European jugglers who had performed the previous night, his role as a juggling coach, his legal problems with JuggleBug and his future plans.

Mandy Dorn

On a business trip to London in May 1995, your intrepid reporter cornered teenage club juggling sensation Mandy Dorn in the bar after a juggling meeting.

Jay Gilligan

Not to be outdone, Shana Miller asked exactly the same questions of teenage club juggling sensation Jay Gilligan.

London Street Juggler, 1861

This London street juggler was interviewed by Henry Mayhew for his book "London Labour and the London Poor". The interview was published in 1861, though it may have been collected several years earlier.

Edward Jackman

At the IJA's 50th Anniversary Festival, In Pittsburgh in August 1997, Edward Jackman talked to Andrew Conway. Jackman talked about his early development as a performer, why he decided to give up juggling, and why he had recently started to perform again.

Massimiliano Truzzi

In May of 1969, Massimiliano Truzzi was interviewed by his son Marcello. He talked about his recollections of Rastelli, as well as his own juggling career and other jugglers he liked. You can listen to this interview in Real Audio format.

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