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MacJugglePro Version 1.0, 171104 bytes
This is an old Mac port of the current IBM-PC version of JugglePro, Version 3.6, available in the IBM-PC software collection.

HyperJuggle 1.0, 40556 bytes
HyperJuggle is a juggling pattern simulator by Michael Naylor, It comes with an action tutorial that teaches you the basics of vanilla siteswap notation. You can invent your own patterns with 1 to 10 balls, or use the built-in patterns.

Jugit Site Swap for Macintosh, V. 1.0.1, 106437 bytes
MacJuggle is a simple site swap juggling animator for the Macintosh, by David S. Blumenthal, There is also a readme file.

Optimal Juggler, V. 4.0, 43605 bytes
Optimal Juggler displays spatially optimized juggling patterns in real time, developed by Jack Kalvan,

Juggle: Juggling Pattern Simulator, 46096 bytes
Juggle is a graphical simulator for juggling patterns.

J2 Site Swap Generator, 92230 bytes
A Mac port of the J2 site swap generator for creating new patterns, by Jack Boyce,

5 Club Juggler, V. 2.0, 43605 bytes
5 Club Juggler. Shows 5 clubs from a juggler's eye view, developed by Jack Kalvan,

Joe Pass!, V. 1.5, 350232 bytes
Joe Pass! is a site-swap animation viewer for 1 or more jugglers by Wolfgang Westerboer,

MacJuggleMaster, 98327 bytes
A Mac port of JuggleMaster, Ken Matsuoka's excellent site-swap viewer, ported by Chris De Salvo, QT movies now include a text track with the name of the pattern and the number of balls.

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