Mike Hayes, of the Virginia TECHnical Jugglers, contributed the material for this topic:

Since I seem to concentrate more on the shower pattern than about everything else, I decided to write an article devoted only to the shower. I will cover topics such as general tips that apply to all shower patterns, specific tips for different numbers of objects and tricks, multiplexing the shower and some tricks that can be done with more than one person.

I want to emphasize this list is by no means complete. I would appreciate, in fact, I encourage, that anyone who thinks something should be added do so, either by mailing the additions (or changes) to me or posting them to the newsgroup. If you read this far, thanks! Let me know if you appreciate the effort.

What is the Shower?
Learning the Shower
Tricks with the Shower Pattern
Multiplex Shower
Showering Between 2 People

In addition, Marty Blase provides this tip:

I started with standard 3-ball juggling pattern, then worked on tossing one ball higher over the other two. It's easy to do this every other toss with one hand; i tried doing it with every toss. by tossing this ball higher and the other one lower and lower, i discovered that i was practically showering already. Try it, and let me know whether i'm the only one who's tried it this way.

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